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PhailhaĆ¼s logo

Format: Satirical News
Created By: Graham Stark
Status: Uncertain
Updates: Sporadic
Host: (2008 - Aug. 2009), Youtube (Aug. 2009 - Present)
Original Run: February 1, 2008 - March 3, 2011
Associated Shows: The Whatever Thing (predecessor), Feed Dump (spiritual successor)

This page is about general information on the PhailhaĆ¼s. For the first PhailhaĆ¼s video see PhailhaĆ¼s (Video)

PhailhaĆ¼s is series of videos on LoadingReadyRun. It was conceived by and features Graham, though most episodes feature at least one co-host. "PhailhaĆ¼s" can be seen as the spiritual successor to the defunct Whatever Thing, as they are both shot in the same style and feature strange-but-true news stories with commentary (branded in this series as "Phunny Story."

Most PhailhaĆ¼s recurring segments are accompanied by titles where all Fs are replaced with PHs. The PhailhaĆ¼s introduced the Pic of the Day, a humorous picture taken by Graham or solicited to the 'phailmail' box. Episodes would end with the Word of the Day, a feature revived from The Idiot Room and the Day of the Day.

The first PhailhaĆ¼s video premiered on February 1st, 2008. With the introduction of the Feed Dump, the future of the PhailhaĆ¼s is up in the air. Graham has said that he does not want to rule out the possibility of PhailhaĆ¼s returning one day.

List of videos