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[[{{{Season}}}]]     [[{{{Category}}}]]


This is the LoadingReadyRun Video Navigation Bar. It is meant to be put at the bottom of every LoadingReadyRun weekly update.


Season: Write the season as "Season One," "Season Two," etc.

Category: Category isn't used as much this late in, but in earlier videos, there were many distinctions like Plugs and On Location. X Ways to Y and Music are still considered Categories.

Previous: Write the name of the previous video. The template will add the [[wiki link brackets]] to all internal links.

Next: Write the name of the following video. Leave this out if the following video isn't yet posted or if it's the last video of the series.

Video-LRR: Write out the full hyperlink to the video link on LoadingReadyRun.

Forum-LRR: At the end of links on the Loadingreadyrun forum, each topic has a number. It follows "t=" in the hyperlink. The rest of the link is already coded in.

Video-Esc: Write out the full hyperlink to the video on The Escapist.

Forum-Esc: Write out the full hyperlink to the forum topic for the video on the Escapist.

LRRcast: For now, this links to the wiki page. Most of them are redlinks, or maybe not linked properly. It's kind of a mess. The way this link works might change.

LT: This links to the Loading Time page on the wiki. The naming conventions for Loading Times aren't standard, so you will have to write out the name.

Bonus: This is for non-Loading Time bonus videos that are directly related to the video. There should be very few, if any, examples of a video with a Bonus video and a LT entry.

Transcript: Transcripts should almost always be under [[(VIDEO NAME) Transcript]]. Thus, there is no need for custom information here. Typing anything under the Transcript parameter will activate a link in the previous form. This should only be done if there IS a Transcript for the video.

Lyrics: The Lyrics parameter should be used for musical videos where almost all the content is sung. The link will form the same way as the Transcript: parameter.

Subseries: For weekly updates part of their own subseries (Rapidfire, commodoreHUSTLE, Fun with Microwaves, etc., that template should be linked under Subseries in {{template brackets}}. In the rare event one video is part of two Subseries, use Subseries2.

Use the blank template above, add the necessary information and post it to the BOTTOM of the video page.