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Talking Simulator is a LoadingReadyRun livestream show, typically streaming at 6pm PST/9pm EST on Thursdays/2am GMT on Fridays. It is hosted by Cameron and Alex.

Games have a lot to say, but they’re not great at doing the talking, so Alex and Cam are going to bring their unique perspectives on narrative, tone, art direction, and theme to this discussion of games as a medium. Every episode will feature an in-depth look at one specific game, while they play the game to help illustrate their points.

Episode List


Date Title Link
2017-08-03 Superhot Link

2017-07-20 Quadrilateral Cowboy Link

2017-07-06 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Link

2017-06-29 NieR: Automata Ep7 Link

2017-06-22 NieR: Automata Ep6 Link

2017-06-08 NieR: Automata Ep5 Link

2017-06-01 NieR: Automata Ep4 Link

2017-05-18 NieR: Automata Ep2 Link

2017-05-04 NieR: Automata Link

2017-04-27 Undertale Ep4 Link

2017-04-20 Undertale Ep3 Link

2017-04-06 Undertale Ep2 Link

2017-03-30 Undertale Ep1 Link

2017-03-23 Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour / Duke Nukem Forever Link

2017-03-16 Alien: Isolation Link

2017-03-09 Aliens: Colonial Marines Link

2017-03-02 DOOM Link

2017-02-23 Life Is Strange Ep5 Link

2017-02-16 Life Is Strange Ep4 Link

2017-02-02 Life Is Strange Ep3 Link

2017-01-26 Life Is Strange Ep2 Link

2017-01-19 Life Is Strange Ep1 Link

2017-01-12 L.A. Noire Link


Date Title Link
2016-12-29 Mass Effect Link

2016-12-22 Layers of Fear Ep2 Link

2016-12-15 Layers of Fear Link

2016-12-08 Cam's 24-Hour Stream (Dark Souls portion) Link
Cam and Alex discuss the experience of streaming. Probably not for the whole 16 hours.
2016-12-01 My Summer Car Link

2016-11-24 S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Link

2016-11-03 Sid Meier's Civilization VI Ep2 Link

2016-10-28 Sid Meier's Civilization VI Link

2016-10-27 Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and Beyond Earth Link

2016-10-20 Minecraft Link

2016-10-13 Firewatch Ep2 / Inside Link

2016-10-06 Firewatch Link

2016-9-29 Dark Souls 3 Link

2016-09-29 Gone Home Link

2016-09-22 Bloodborne Link

2016-09-15 Thief Link

2016-09-08 Oxenfree Ep2 Link

2016-08-25 Oxenfree Ep1 Link

2016-08-18 Journey / Thirty Flights of Loving Link

2016-08-12 Dark Souls Ep2 Link
Bonus episode
2016-08-11 Bioshock Infinite Ep3 Link

2016-08-04 Civilization 5 Link

2016-07-28 Bioshock Infinite Ep2 Link

2016-07-21 Bioshock Infinite Link

2016-07-14 Bioshock Ep2 Link

2016-07-07 Bioshock Ep1 Link

2016-06-30 System Shock 2 Link

2016-06-23 Myst Ep2 Link

2016-06-16 Myst Ep1 Link

2016-06-09 Half Life / Half Life 2 Link

2016-06-02 Thief: Dishonored Link

2016-05-26 Dear Esther / Vanishing of Ethan Carter Link

2016-05-19 Dark Souls Ep1 Link

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