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"Manliness is in direct proportion to largeliness!"
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Iron Stomach: Canada Day Edition!

Vital Statistics


Date: July 1, 2009

Category: Iron Stomach Challenge

Appearing: Paul Saunders, Ben Wilkinson, Bill Watt, Duncan Hauser

Camera: James Turner

Edited by: James Turner

Location: Bill's Place v2.0

The Challenge

  • Fries
  • Cheezies
  • Nanaimo Bars
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Cheese
  • Gravy
  • Maple Syrup
  • Dave's Insanity Sauce


A variation on the Canadian staple poutine.


  • The gravy is from Franco-American, a brand name of the Campbell's Soup Company, which is American.
  • Dave's Insanity Sauce was previously used in Man Cooking - Swiss Meat Roll.
  • Despite what Bill says, Dave's Insanity Sauce is made in America.
  • Ben punching Bill is one of the few non-fake punches on LRR.
  • On the boards, Duncan said after this video, he "ate about half of Bill's tub of sour cream and spent 10mins in the bathroom guzzling water straight from the faucet."
  • This is the first Canada Day Special to be a bonus video instead of the weekly update. The closest official updates were The Pub and CommodoreHUSTLE 10 - Judgement, each unrelated to Canada.

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