One of Us Has to Change

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Not to be confused with the Season Four short Somebody Has to Change.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Vital Statistics

One of Us Has to Change

Date: December 6, 2006

Category: The Whatever Thing

Appearing: Morgan vanHumbeck, Graham Stark

Whatever Clip: Steven (posts as diordna on the forums)

Haiku: None


Graham does not seem to be around when Morgan sits down to do this week's Whatever Thing. After coming to terms with this it turns out Graham was there all along. Things only get weirder...


  • Graham is only half English; his mother is from Liverpool.
  • Elisabeth Kübler-Ross's Five Stages of Grief is a real psychological model, although it's not normative and the stages it describes aren't necessarily experienced by particular people; Morgan, however, seemed to go through them all in less than five minutes.
    • And adds his own, "Cockdickery."
  • Graham's scarf, like the curly-haired wig that has appeared in multiple sketches, was once part of a Doctor Who costume.
  • The gloves that mysteriously appear on Graham's hands were donated by Kathleen.
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