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Mine O'Clock is James' weekly Minecraft stream airing Tuesdays at 9am PST/12pm EST/5pm GMT. The first stream was on the 8th of March, 2017 when James began working for LoadingReadyRun full time. Mine O'Clock moved from Wednesday to Tuesday as of 17 July, 2018 to allow for the sponsored MtG Arena stream.

List of Episodes


Date Title Link
2018-10-23 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 10 Link
Shall we play some Minecraft? Let us play some Minecraft. Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft.... It's Mine O'Clock if you haven't figured that out yet.
2018-10-16 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 9 Link
Bit of a late start but Mine O’Clock is live! Come join James, Uno and Serge for Minecraft fun timed!!
2018-10-09 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 8 Link
James is in the studio and ready to play some Minecraft. Today we're going to continue work on our mob farm area. Come hang out!
2018-10-02 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 7 Link
James is playing MineCraft. Which considering it's Tuesday morning during a show called Mine O'Clock is not surprising. Come hangout!
2018-09-25 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 6 Link
Having successfully fix everything that was broken, James is live with Mine O'Clock! Let's place some blocks shall we?
2018-09-11 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 5 Link
After a few weeks away James is back with Mine O'Clock... and NewDay Tewsday... and One More? What I'm saying is I hope you like James.
2018-08-21 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 4 Link
Mine O'Clock has begun. I repeat, Mine O'Clock has begun. Please, in an orderly fashion make your way to Twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun and watch James, Uno and Serge play Minecraft for the next several hours.
2018-08-14 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 3 Link
It's Wednesday morning (at least here on the west coast it is) and James is live with Mine O'Clock! Serge is back and Uno's ready to go so let's get back into the world of Modded Minecraft!
2018-08-07 Return to Vanilla Ep 15 Link
Serge is still away so James and Uno have one more week back in Vanilla to tend to. We return to our modded world next week, but for now let's build a Creeper Farm? I'm sure it'll be fine.
2018-07-31 Return to Vanilla Ep 14 Link
James and Uno are jumping back into the world of Vanilla Minecraft today while Serge is away. Let's build an Iron Farm!
2018-07-27 1.13 The END of the Ender Dragon Link
This Vanilla Minecraft server has been online for almost 7 days and the Ender Dragon is still alive? Let's fix that on a bonus episode of Mine O'Clock :D
2018-07-24 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 2 Link
Let's Minecraft shall we? Is time for Mine O'Clock! James is here with Serge and Uno via the wonder of the internet! Let's place those blocks!
2018-07-17 FTB Pyramid Reborn Ep 1 Link
Mine O'Clock has officially moved to Tuesday! James, Uno and Serge are live and it's time to get back to our Modded Minecraft roots! It's Day one with FTB - Pyramid Reborn!
2018-07-11 Return to Vanilla Ep 13 Link

2018-07-04 Return to Vanilla Ep 12 Link
Mine O'Clock is a go go! Apologies for the late start, so to make up for it James will be placing blocks 9% faster than normal :D
2018-06-27 Return to Vanilla Ep 11 Link
James here. Woke up feeling like I might have a cold coming on. Gonna follow our “Stay the hell away” policy at the office and stick at home. Sending Serge Yager in my place for Mine O’Clock. Will likely try and play with him and Uno from home.
2018-06-06 Return to Vanilla Ep 10 Link

2018-05-16 Return to Vanilla Ep 9 Link

2018-05-02 Return to Vanilla Ep 8 Link

2018-04-25 Return to Vanilla Ep 7 Link

2018-04-18 Return to Vanilla Ep 6 Link

2018-04-11 Return to Vanilla Ep 5 Link

2018-04-11 Return to Vanilla Ep 4 Link

2018-04-04 Return to Vanilla Ep 3 Link

2018-03-28 Return to Vanilla Ep 2 Link

2018-03-21 Return to Vanilla Ep 1 Link

2018-03-14 Snorshcraft Episode 16 Link

2018-03-07 Snorshcraft Episode 15 Link

2018-02-21 Snorshcraft Episode 14 Link

2018-02-14 Snapshot 18w07a Link

2018-02-07 Snorshcraft Episode 13 Link

2018-01-24 Snorshcraft Episode 12 Link

2018-01-17 Snorshcraft Episode 11 Link

2018-01-10 Snorshcraft Episode 10 Link

2018-01-03 Snorshcraft Episode 9 Link


Date Title Link
2017-12-20 Snorshcraft Episode 8 Link

2017-12-06 Snorshcraft Episode 7 Link

2017-11-08 Snorshcraft Episode 6 Link

2017-11-01 Snorshcraft Episode 5 Link

2017-10-25 Snorshcraft Episode 4 Link

2017-10-14 Bonus Minecraft Link

2017-10-04 Snorshcraft Episode 3 Link

2017-09-27 Snorshcraft Episode 2 Link

2017-09-20 Snorshcraft Episode 1 Link

2017-08-23 Vanilla Episode 7 Link

2017-08-09 Vanilla Episode 6 Link

2017-08-02 Vanilla Episode 5 Link

2017-07-26 Vanilla Episode 4 Link

2017-07-19 Vanilla Episode 3 Link

2017-07-12 Vanilla Episode 2 Link

2017-07-05 Vanilla Episode 1 Link

2017-06-28 Feed The Beast Episode 15 Link

2017-06-21 Feed The Beast Episode 14 Link

2017-06-14 Feed The Beast Episode 13 Link

2017-06-07 Feed The Beast Episode 12 Link

2017-05-24 Feed The Beast Episode 10 Link

2017-05-31 Feed The Beast Episode 11 Link

2017-05-10 Feed The Beast Episode 9 Link

2017-05-03 Feed The Beast Episode 8 Link

2017-04-26 Feed The Beast Episode 7 Link

2017-04-19 Feed The Beast Episode 6 Link

2017-04-12 Feed The Beast Episode 5 Link

2017-04-05 Feed The Beast Episode 4 Link

2017-03-29 Feed The Beast Episode 3 Link

2017-03-15 Feed The Beast Episode 2 Link

2017-03-08 Feed The Beast Episode 1 Link

2017-02-10 Episode 0: James Plays All the Things Link
A 12-hour streamathon to celebrate James becoming a full-time LRR crew member.
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