Matt Wiggins

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Matt Wiggins
Matt Wiggins
Matt's About Page Picture
Date of Birth: March 14, 1983
Family: Jim Wiggins (father)
Duties: Actor, Networking
First Appearance: 2003 Halloween Special
Last Appearance: Desert Bus for Hope 10
Recurring Characters: Ryan Quickbender, Mark Dawson, The PC
Twitter: @Matt_LRR

Matt Wiggins is a member of the LRR crew and Graham's former roommate. He is an avid video game collector and player. He also collects Optimus Prime Transformers figures. According to the LRRcast for Ways to Get a Ticket, he works at Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and, until recently, EB Games. He also referees hockey on occasion.

Matt has successfully ditched his Mazda Miata (featured in commodoreHUSTLE 05 - Street) in favor of a Ford Focus (seen in Cash Cats) which will now be able to carry additional people and equipment beyond Matt and a tripod.

Matt used his experience as a member of LoadingReadyRun to apply for a graduate degree program at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver. Beginning in Fall 2012, Matt will be out of Victoria more often than not, but he intends to participate in videos whenever he is in town (which, if his parents have their way, will be often).

Matt on his 28th birthday.


  • Matt is the only main LRR crewmember with no siblings.
  • Matt caught the bouquet at Jer and Tally's wedding.
  • Some people say Matt likes to eat Peanut Butter.
  • Matt is the master of the frump.

Matt's Blog

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