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LoadingReadyRun (sometimes shortened to LRR) is the name of the primary weekly video series posted to LoadingReadyRun.com. It is primary composed of unrelated sketch comedy videos, but occasionally moves into more standard situation comedy with commodoreHUSTLE. The first weekly video was posted to LoadingReadyRun.com October 24, 2003.

Videos were posted every Friday until the day was changed to Monday following the announcement video Super Secret Surprise. Max Effect was the first video officially posted on Monday (though the preceding video High Noon was posted late on a Monday because of technical problems).

The term "LoadingReadyRun" can also refer to the website, and sometimes, the crew of people who work on LoadingReadyRun videos. To distinguish the series of videos, a list of LoadingReadyRun weekly updates can be found Weekly LRR Updates.

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