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Not to be confused with LoadingReadyLIVE!, a LoadingReadyRun theatrical production from the Fringe Theatre Festival in 2006, or LoadingReadyRun Streams, which were formerly known as LoadingReadyLive..


LoadingReadyLIVE is a LoadingReadyRun livestream show, typically streaming at 5pm PST/8pm EST every other Saturday/1am GMT every other Sunday. It is hosted by multiple streamers, and takes the form of a roughly 90-minute "variety show" with multiple segments, many of which form a successor to the LRRcast.

The flagship of our streaming calendar, LRL combines late-night talk shows, with British panel shows, with Japanese variety shows, with… well, with LoadingReadyRun! Join us for this evening of comedy!

Recurring Segments

  • Bringer Sketch: A short, pre-recorded sketch, typically starring the crew as themselves, or as their commodoreHUSTLE personas.
  • Cold Open: A short, live, spoken bit usually done by one person in front of the "Moonbase Delta" sign. Always ends in the phrase, "this is live, and something's going to happen!"
  • Flythrough: Follows the Cold Open. The episode's main segments are presented as the camera moves throughout the moonbase to crew members holding up signs with each segment's title.
  • Feed Dump Extra Push: A bonus Feed Dump story.
  • askLRR: Members of the LRR crew answer a representative sample of Your Questions.
  • Stream Highlights: A collage of brief clips that appeared on LRR Streams since the previous LoadingReadyLive.
  • Shame Inferno: A Japanese "batsu game", involving one crew member inflicting punishments on their victims.
  • "Trivia" challenge: Several crew members, on a team or pitted against each other, endure a gauntlet of trivia. Occasionally an actual trivia challenge is presented, but frequently these segments are incredibly strange, such as "Can you show this anime to your parents?"
  • Welcoming the Subscribers: At the end of every episode, while various cast members camp out behind the fancy new overlay.
  • "And now, this.": A short stinger sketch, generally shorter than a Crapshot. Often relates back to either the bringer or to some event in the show itself.


The introductory sequence includes the phrase "From near and far, young and old, people of every shape, ability, and gender." This was Alex's customary intro on IDDQDerp. The end of the phrase is sometimes changed to "people of every gender identity."

List of Episodes


# in Series Title Date
33 A Different Kind of Love February 10, 2017

32 The New Hire January 27, 2017


# in Series Title Date
31 Blue Mayo Group December 30, 2017
PowerPoint Karaoke, Keep Bricking and Nobody LEGOs, Will it Aioli and more!
30 The Christmas Heap December 16, 2017
It's the LRL Christmas Special!
29 Yes, My Grapekeeper October 28, 2017
Costume That Name, The Cellar Escape Room, Ghost Stories Against Humanity, Shame Inferno: Candy Grapple, and more!
28 Blended Thanksgiving October 7, 2017
Quote Quiz, Raptor Aquarium, and Thanksgiving Express.
27 Flap on Down to the Apple Patch September 23, 2017

26 Sentai Villain Panic July 23, 2017

25 Filling In for Satan June 24, 2017
This episode... Gibb's Tweets, Beej Eats the Whole Shame, On the Scene, and Telephone Pictionary.
24 Peach or Barf June 6, 2017

23 Duck Duck Gull May 27, 2017

22 How I Met Your Mothra May 13, 2017

21 Purple Carrot April 15, 2017

20 COOL TECHNOLOGY April 1, 2017

19 Long, Pork March 18, 2017

18 Let Go March 4, 2017

17 Spoilers For Deep Space Nine February 18, 2017
This week on LRL: Mixed up Melodies, Speech Jammed Soliloquies, Beej Makes the Faces of Cars, and MORE!!!
16 Lettuce Entertain You February 4, 2017
This week on LRL: Surprise Book Report, the Lettuce Eating Challenge, What's the Zoomed in Box Art?, and more!!
15 Dynamite Boat Race January 21, 2017

14 Drone Strike January 14, 2017
Broadcast—with minimal drone-related issues—on 2017-01-14. Featuring special guests Molly Lewis & Ben Soileau.


# in Series Title Date
13 5 Pounds of Lard December 24, 2016

12 Wondercore December 10, 2016

11 Loading Ready Dead October 29, 2016
It's the spoopiest time of the year in the Moonbase.
10 Happy Birthday October 15, 2016
Someone on the show is having a birthday! You'll never guess that it's actually the website.
9 Gargorlyng Dong October 1, 2016
On today's show: a special guest with a hint of pumpkin spice.
8.5 Early September Stream Highlights September 17, 2016
LRL is canceled tonight to make room for the Kaladesh pre-prerelease, but here are the last two weeks of stream highlights.
8 Paul and the BeardTones September 3, 2016
Today on the show: Paul is all by himself, so no one is around to tell him if he has bad segment ideas.
7 Understaffed August 20, 2016
Today on the show, a special guest gets us out of a sticky situation.
6 My Butt's Still Wet August 6, 2016
This week on LoadingReadyLIVE join us for the first annual 2016 Lunar Invitational We Hastily Thought of this Last Night Games!
5 LRR vs. The Volcano July 23, 2016

4 The Whiz June 25, 2016
Beej Eats the Whole Thing, Makeup Together, movie remakes, and the Raptor Aquarium.
3 Why We Can't Have Nice Things June 11, 2016
This week! The Beer Review, Garagellenium Showdown, the Late Night Dub Fight, and more!
2 The Wrath of James May 28, 2016
Join the LoadingReadyRun crew for the second episode of LoadingReadyLive, our new variety show.
1 Second Breakfast May 14, 2016
On this, the premier episode of LoadingReadyLIVE, join the crew for a variety show like no other.
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