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Not to be confused with Kate Watt.

Kate Stark
Kate Stark
Kate's About Us Page Picture
Date of Birth: September 26
Family: Stuart Stark (father), Margaret Graham-Bell (mother), Graham Stark (brother)
Duties: Boom Op, Actor
First Appearance: 2003 Holiday Special (26 December 2003)
Last Appearance: Nugget Kata (20 January 2017)
Desert Bus
First Appearance: Desert Bus for Hope 2 (28 November 2008)
Last Appearance: Desert Bus for Hope 2017 (17 November 2017)
Website: http://www.katestark.com/
Twitter: @KateStark
Mastodon: @katestark@mastodon.social
Twitch: Kate

Kate Stark is a professional Twitch Streamer and LRR contributor with both acting and editing. She is one of the people responsible for handling social networking during the Desert Bus event and has produced vlogs for years 8 - 10.Desert Bus Video Strike Team page In LRR shorts, Kate is known for her work as the girl in the Yummie's Snack Cake commercials, as well as for playing many roles on very short notice. She started her work behind the scenes early in LRR's operations as a camera operator. Also known for her insight in Phailhaüs - 11. When Graham inquires as to whether she is eating nutella right from the jar, she responds "Is there any other way?"

Thanks to the regular Desert Bus drivers' lack of concentration, she is one of a handful of people to drive the bus without crashing, after guest driving in 2008. For Desert Bus for Hope 4, she auctioned off the right to name a kitten she intended to purchase, the winner choosing the name "Aristotle."

Kate occasionally appears as an actor in sketches, Crapshots and LoadingReadyLive, and is also well known for appearances on Feed Dump. She became a full-time streamer on Twitch in 2016, becoming partnered later the same year. Kate is Graham's younger sister.

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