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Not to be confused with Johnny Blakeborough or Jonny.

Contrary to recent speculation as to forumulation and humanitarianism, Johnny Lunchbox has lax forum attendance and is an avid enemy of freedom.

Though he had written a handful of videos for Loading Ready Run prior to September of 2005, he'd never actually met any of the crew members until the filming of Johnny the Intern. He knows the site through Kathleen De Vere, with whom he worked for the school paper at the University of Northern British Columbia. Originally from a sleeper-town outside of Toronto, Ontario, he's lived in Prince George, Etobicoke, and New York over the years, and is currently stuck in Windsor, which he hates deeply, and would like nothing more than to set on fire for warmth.

In addition to writing for the LRR crew, Johnny_Lunchbox has had literature (and a painting) published in a handful of other sources, most of which will never be read by any more than a mittful of people. He is also a sometimes-active member of the Something Awful creative community under the moniker "Pantothenate".

Johnny_Lunchbox' horrible fate has already been set in motion: One of his one-generation-younger cousins, Trevor Williams, has already begun to produce YouTube comedy sketches, and, within a few short years, will inevitably murder Johnny_Lunchbox and eat his brain to absorb his sketch comedy experience (or simply exceed Johnny in sketch comedy prowess by the time he hits college).

A few fun facts: Johnny_Lunchbox shares his given name with the most abysmal failure of a general in American history, and he lifted his LRR moniker from a pig in a Suikoden game who is killed and eaten (off-camera) by a disturbingly gleeful child.

His real name, William Hull, has only appeared in the credits of one sketch.

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