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Jeremy Michael Petter
Jeremy Michael Petter
Jer's About Page Picture
Date of Birth: August 9, 1983
Family: Chris Petter (father), one younger sister, Tally Heilke (wife)
Duties: Writer, Actor, Editor
First Appearance: 2003 Halloween Special (31 October 2003)
Last Appearance: Loading Time Digest - November 2016 (25 December 2016)
Recurring Characters: Jeremy Michaels, JP
Twitter: @JerPetter
Twitch: GUIduck

Jeremy Michael Petter (commonly called 'Jer') (b. 1983) is one of the primary players in LoadingReadyRun.

Jer attended Oak Bay High School, where he served as the president of his 12th grade class. Jer studied English and religious studies at the University of Victoria.

Jer suffers from amblyopia, which deprives him of depth perception and prevents him from driving legally. This was the inspiration for Jer's rant during Money Shot. During Desert Bus for Hope 4, he explained how he chooses which eye to look out of, mostly defaulting to his left eye.

Jer is notable among the LRR crew both for his singing talent, showcased in The Superintendent's Sorrow and The Ballad of the Fanboy. Among the crew, he's known for writing technically difficult scripts, such as the overlays and original ending of Time is Money.

Jer is often linked with ducks in LRR writing, to the point of voicing one in Bump in the Night. (see Jer's obsession with ducks.) Jer has a collection of over fifteen stuffed ducks (mostly mallards), and includes the feathered internet celebrity Rosco P. Jangles IV.

Jer's persona in Friday Nights is typically depicted as obsessed with exceedingly complicated and extensive combos; usually their fragile structure is taken apart by another player or he overlooks a small detail in their execution, causing them to fall apart.

In September 2011, Jer started an indefinite hiatus from LoadingReadyRun activities to focus on his education. He said he intended to be around "more than Tim Sevenhuysen." Jer drove a full 24-hour shift during Desert Bus for Hope 5 and the final 8 hours of Desert Bus for Hope 6.

Jer proposed to Tally Heilke around Christmas 2012. They were wed on June 23, 2013.


  • Jer was credited as "J. Michael Petter" in Season One.
  • According to the January 17th, 2007 LRRcast, Jer has one younger sister (who was taken at the time).
  • Jer's uncle, Andrew Petter, is a former BC cabinet minister and the Dean of Law at UVic.
  • Jer is the only LRR crewmember not to play a fictional character in ENN.
  • According to the April 13, 2010 LRRcast, it's possible that Jer has a Pokéwalker.
  • In Bandwidth Exceeded, he offers Ash a ride, despite that he can't drive.
  • Jer is the current King of the Porcelain Throne
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