House of the Dead

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It's been an exciting season, but the housemates still haven't guessed who the zombie is! Let's watch!

Vital Statistics

Who Will Survive?

Date: October 26, 2009

Category: Shorts

Appearing: Jeremy Petter, James Turner, Paul Saunders, Kathleen De Vere, Tally Heilke, Matt Wiggins, Morgan vanHumbeck

Writing: Graham Stark and Everyone

Music: Bradley Rains and some freeware junk

Camera: Graham Stark, Tim Sevenhuysen

Boom: Ben Wilkinson, Alex Steacy, Raymond Steacy

Zombie Makeup: Kathleen De Vere

Still Photos: Dustin Brown

Editing: Graham Stark


It's like The Mole, but with more brain-eating. Who's the Zombie? Tune in to find out!


Season Six     Shorts

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