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Loading Ready Run is represented by two separate, yet equally important groups. The Crew, who make videos every week; and their fans, who occasionally make videos about LRR. These are their stories.

  • LRR Promo Competition Winner - Loading Ready Rap by BlackDragonTaz, Misty, and their friend Sean. For winning the LRR Challenge where contestants had to show themselves promoting LRR they were given the rank: The Goddamn Batman.
  • Ode to Paul's Beard - A tribute to the death of Paul's Beard during Desert Bus, featuring Alex Steacy, CtMolloy, Master Gunner, King Kool, and Masamune. Edited by Elomin Sha.
    • Part 2 - featuring Lyinginbedmon, Emperor Gum, and AeroCmdr.
    • Part 3 - featuring Cureless_Poison, 2Stepz, kkief02, with guest stars Toast and Andrew Cownden.
  • Anime Unskippable 3000 - A series based off of LoadingReadyRun's Unskippable series. It does commentary on premire episodes of anime shows created by Beta Test, and his brother, The Ginger Smurf.

The LRRMon Channel also collects videos made by LRR fans, including ads for Desert Bus, and compilations of T-shirt ads.

At the Fifth Anniversary Screening a few fan awards were presented to the crew in video form. These can be seen in Loading Time 04D and include videos by Master Gunner, Tak197 and Lord Chrusher.