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Format: Compilation
Created By: LoadingReadyRun
Status: Active
Original Run: June 2, 2020
Associated Shows: Crapshots

Craploads are themed compilations of Crapshots


# Title Date
6 Healthy Movements July 7, 2020
Crapshots and Craploads are not a substitute for a complete breakfast.
5 As Advertised June 30, 2020
We'll be right back after these messages!
4 Oldies But Crappies! June 23, 2020
3 Science & Education June 16, 2020
Not the education you asked for but the one you got.
2 As Crapped on TV June 9, 2020
When you can’t reach the remote and TV just keeps happening.
1 The Office Toilet June 2, 2020
We work in a weird office.