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So, Operation: Viral Outbreak kind of... broke out. And that means the LRR crew has some serious thinking to do. Sadly they're not good at "serious".

Vital Statistics


Date: April 6, 2009

Category: commodoreHUSTLE

Appearing: Graham Stark, Kathleen De Vere, Matt Wiggins, James Turner, Jeremy Petter, Paul Saunders, Morgan vanHumbeck, Bill Watt, Tally Heilke, Dale Friesen, Geoff Howe, Tim Sevenhuysen

Writing: LoadingReadyRun

Camera: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, Tim Sevenhuysen, Matt Wiggins

Sound: Raymond Steacy, Bill Watt

Edited by: Graham Stark

Thanks To: Yo Video, The Tonight Show


After the viral campaign proves to be considerably more successful than they anticipated, the LoadingReadyRun crew ponders the opportunities presented by the internet's obvious love of testicular trauma, and other synonyms for kicks to the balls. Morgan and Bill brainstorm ideas for a ball-pain video series, Matt constructs a statistical analysis of the effects of ball kicks on view counts, and Paul builds an autonomous ball-kicking robot, but Jer would rather focus on the people who are secretly taping LRR shoots and posting the footage on Youtube.

The culprit, of course, is Geoff. Furious about the wild success of Graham's 'grievous testicular harm', he and Tim move into the next phase of his plan to destroy LoadingReadyRun.


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