Ben Wilkinson

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Ben Wilkinson
Ben Wilkinson
Ben's About Page Picture
Duties: Actor, On-Set Crew
First Appearance: Ways to Eat Fries
Last Appearance: The LoadingReadyRumble 2
Recurring Characters: Dr. Morgan Solus, Derek
Twitter: @Ben_LRR
Ben (as Derek)

Ben Wilkinson is a LRR contributor, probably most acclaimed for his performance as the psychologist Morgan Solus in a few episodes of ENN and Derek, the mute Warriors of Darkness. Ben has played Derek in every appearance of the Warriors of Darkness excluding Moving Out, where he was played by Graham.

Ben went to high school with the crew, meeting James in French class. He did not join the crew in playing D&D until later. He lived with James, Ashley and Adam for a while before moving into his own condo.

Ben works as a software developer. He rides a motorcycle and likes sailing and other watersports.

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