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Format: Unscripted Type-In Talk Show
Created By: Alex Steacy
Status: On Hiatus
Updates: Saturdays
Original Run: October 18, 2008 - May 30, 2010
Associated Shows: Inside the Moon (sister show)

Ask An Alex Live was a series of live specials by Alex Steacy hosted through UStream at the AAALive Stream Channel.

Ask an Alex Live occured at 8pm EST (5pm PST/LRR time) every Saturday night, and ran for an hour. There were 28 episodes, with a running fail count total of 55 (often the result of technical problems). Occasional guest stars include is roommate Vaughn (not to be confused with the forum member by the same name), his then girlfriend Rebecca, and his friend Jenn. Regulars often congregated in the chat half an hour to an hour before the show starts to engage in idle conversation, prepare links for Alex's horror, and reenact the Trench Run scene from Star Wars: A New Hope.

AAA Lives often featured custom overlays to convey important data, such as episode name and fail-count, as well as pictures and animations. Alex often played samples from his massive library of sound effects, such as the (in)famous "Door Stuck" track. The "Door Stuck" and "Oniichan" micspam can be downloaded here.

Some episodes were recorded (despite several critical hardware failures) and were uploaded to the internet.

The unofficial Ask an Alex forum thread (with additional links, information, and pictures) can be found here.

Alex had his own forums at

Episodes 7 + 8 were previously considered "missing", but after considerable discussion, it was realized that they were the 2008 Desert Bus 4-hour specials.

Ask An Alex Line Up


Ask An Alex Live (AAAL) was a simple Q&A show, should be simple but something always goes wrong. Alex invited the IRC to give him questions and he'll try and answer them, you won't always get a correct answer but they will be interesting and hilarious.


  • Pre Show - After several Fail Counts from botched audio Alex instigated a pre show where he tests his audio levels and the audio of his hot linked videos.
  • Half Hour Questions - The first 30 minutes is an opening salvo of sensible and often insane questions. There have been various links in the early shows designed to wind Alex up, mainly from Japan, in addition to various news links to be 'topical'. From the opening half hour a small joke can turn into a running gag for that one episode or several.
  • A Series of You Tubes - During the week Alex delves into YouTube to find interesing and bizarre videos his fans might like to see. These range from 3D animation, animé, Japanese adverts and technology. This also gives him a chance to rest from the opening barrage.
  • Picture Round - Alex shows pictures he has found on the internets with captions and comments on them.

Lesser Seen Sections

  • In Soviet Russia, Ask an Alex Asks You - The host dones a headwear worn in a tank and asks the IRC questions to which they have to answer, he speaks in a Russian accent throughout. Seen Once
  • Fight Simulator - Banned out right of 'who would win vs who' saying they were an unanswerable question, Alex changed his mind and made a program that calculates the fight outcome by combing the Net for references to both parties, it is never wrong and its decision is final. The arena is set to the Battlefield of Super Smash Bros. Brawl (complete with music) and the combatants are avatars.

Previous contests: Anne of Green Gables (L) vs Plastic Chair (W)

Saddam Hussein (L) vs Noose (W - Perfect)

Edward (from Twilight) (L) vs Nosferatu (W - Perfect)

Running Gags

Eddie Izzard's 'Help! I'M COVERED IN BEES!" - Alex and the IRC have cracked their own versions of the joke. expamples:

  • I've fallen into a church: I'm covered in Creeds!
  • I've fallen into a sperm bank: I'm covered in Seed!
  • I've fallen on a golf course: I'm covered in tees!
  • I've had sex with a girl: I'm full of VD!

Alex's Robot Fetish - Alex loves robots that he calls himself a robo-phile. This has given him some problems when asked by Elomin Sha in episode 4 "If I buy an FT and cut her head off will you hate me?" Alex was drinking at the time, spat his drink out and went off into a rant about how it was like buying him a dog letting him love it and them come over and kick it. He has a strong affection for FT (Female Type).

Which way to the Gun Show - A simple joke requiring the joker to be completely straight, when the answer is 'no why?' and then flex their arms for the stinger.

  • Do you know the number to a vet? Because these python's are sick
  • Do you have any bread? Because these swans are hungry.
  • Do you know any good seamstresses? Because I'm ripped.
  • Do you know any plumbers? Because these pipes are about to burst.

Call Me...Because I'm... - Self explanatory.

  • Call me British because I was born in England.
  • Call me a prostitue because I'm fucked.
  • Call me a door because I'm stuck.
  • Call me trash because I'm wasted.
  • Call me an alcholic because I'm drunk

Alex Video Taping The School - During episode one he gave a tour of his new home. He showed the outside word and pointed out the school. One of the viewers called him on video taping the kindergarten at night that and it's been a running joke ever since.

Uploaded Episodes



Added AAAL videos can usually be found here:

Notable Episodes

Notable because they were not recorded.

  • Ask An Alex Live 3 - Ask Harder